Saturday, October 28, 2006

Union Bouquet #6

Superintendents and anti-union stuff...
Ednotes compares Joel Klein to the Cold War and that he seems to have created his own Iron Curtain.

The new LA Supt and AJ Duffy, President of UTLA seemed to be headed for a rhetorical showdown, and the new Superintendent's not even in LA yet!

More union busting...this time at Pace University.

Strikes and Negotiations
Nazareth Area School district has reached an impasse with the school board; suprisingly they scheduled (and executed) a meeting with district parents to explaing the misgivings between them and the school board. Well done, Nazareth Union.

Saugerties Teacher Association (STA) and the school board have come to an impasse after only 27 months of negotiations. I mean, come on....aren't you in for the long haul? I don't think you've given these negotiations an honest chance! Come on, what's another year of fruitless and infuriating talking that you'll never get back? Read more about it here. On a side note, this is New York which has the Taylor law. While the Taylor law allowed collective bargaining, it prohibits striking by public employees (this is the same law that the NYC transit workers ran afoul of a while back) and non-tenured teachers have been told they would be fired if they struck. More on the Taylor law here.

District 299 blog reports on the efforts of a new Chicago BOE member to stave off a Chicago Teacher strike in the coming year.

The 60 members of the Neoga Teachers Association went on strike as of October 19th. They've been negotiating since April. Currently the board is not bargaining with them and has decided to keep the schools open. You can read it on their webpage, along with picket line updates and pictures. Apparently the Superintendent is refused to meet with concerned mothers of students or negotiate with the union-- apparently the board has given out it's "last, best offer". Neoga students are getting a lesson in history, economics and the power of the human condition. 800 students missed school on Friday, so the community supports the teachers! The latest is that the union has filed an ULP against the school board. Read about it here.

Hartnell College faculty declared they were on strike. The media reported on the situation mid-strike. The administrators put the squeeze on students, telling them they would be dropped if they didn't go to classes and sign the attendance sheets. Then came the announcement that the bombers were recalled, that the strategic nuclear forces stood down, and the strike was over-- with a 16% increase for the teachers. I think the rebels defeated the empire on this one.

Amy, an education student at university learns about an impeding strike from her mom.

Anastasia, herself a teacher, blogs about how the unions are out of control (referencing the Detroit Strike).

Union Librarian puts, uh, her? two cents out there about the Detroit Strike and an accompanying essay.

Unions in Action!
Is 67 seconds of porn worth your job? The school board said yes; the union says no.

Christina District teachers (250 of 'em) bumrush the Delaware district's BOE meeting, yo.

North Dakota teachers apparently got two days off a short while ago for EVERYONE to attend their state convention....interesting. They blog about it here, but the reponses are much more interesting than the actual post....

James Elliott reminisces about his two union experiences, the first not so good, the second (though aggravating) somewhat better.

UTLA seems to have put its collective foot in its mouth with the snafu for MDS using its building for the kickoff of an anti-Israel boycott. Darren at Right on the Left Coast had something to say about it, and quite frankly (gasp) I seem to agree with him. (Yes, I know I'm a bit late on this one, sorry.)

Have you seen the "10 things" email that was supposedly by Bill Gates? This person got it too, but a version I haven't seen before. Check out number 4.

How to fire an incompetent teacher....yes there are such things, and though they may be incompetent, they deserve the same due process as a very competent teacher. This flowchart shows the process for firing a teacher in NYC.

Home Schoolers Rule blogs about a virtual charter school authorized by the city which is being sued by the Chicago Teachers Union. Apparently since it doesn't provide "direct supervision" according to state law, it shouldn't receive state funds. That's all fine and good, quite honestly I could care less. Virtual charter schools are a racket, as we all know. What caught my attention is the horrendous mispellings and complete lack of grammar and convential punctuation on this blog entry-- let's all hope "Home Schoolers Rule" isn't the one teaching their child how to spell and write.

Many teachers in many districts are on pins and needles and will be until election night-- whether or not their referendums/ levies and such pass for their district. Leab blogs about it on "Education Rant" over at Ironic Teachings. (You've got to scroll down a bit to get there.)

Dave rants about the evils of Walt Disney and throws a few things in there about unions as well.

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