Monday, December 04, 2006

Rest in Peace, Tom Mooney.

Tom Mooney, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers passed away this weekend due to an apparent heart attack. Long known as an innovator and respected throughout the country as a true teachers' union leader, he will be missed.

Still nothing on the OFT website, but:

Let's Get It Right says goodbye. Medulla Noodle. EIA. AFT. AFT's press release mourning.... OFT's thing is a bit longer.

The Cleveland PLain Dealer has something here. The Cincinnati Enquirer here. The Springfield News-Sun here. The Columbus Dispatch here.

You can read an interview he did with Rethinking Schools on Teacher Quality. He also did this interview with PBS. This is part one and this is part two of an interview he did with a Cleveland station about Ohio's school funding. Finally, this column was written by Tom about charter schools and ran in The Free Press.

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