Friday, March 09, 2007

National Negotiations Update #5

This is the latest in the national negotiations update. There are currently no school districts on strike in the United States to my knowledge.


Everywhere-- Things still have not gotten better in California, so CFA (California Faculty Association) are beginning their strike vote on Monday. This article outlines the imapct on California Maritime Academy.

Glendale-- The school board is offering 7.58% and the teachers' union wants 12.64%. The difference is 10 million dollars.

Hayward-- Top administrators in the district recently scored a 16% raise. The teachers are being offered 3%. You do the math. The negotiations went into fact-finding this past Tuesday.

San Jose-- Berryessa teachers' union rallied at the board, and they're asking for a 8.73% COLA.

Whittier-- The School Board President said to the teachers "If you're not happy with this district then perhaps you should look elswhere" and then the teachers voted no on the board's contract offer. I think the two are completely unrelated.


Chicago- The CTU contract is about to expire, and Ryan at CTSO has some opinions. Victor gets the inside info on the dope...or is it poop?

Round Lake-- Suburban round lake has come to an agreement with the school board after a 12 hour mediation session. This is the district mentioned in an earlier NNU where their salary schedule tops out at over $100,000. This article talks about the difficulties in the negotiation process as a result of the uniqueness of their union.


Bettendorf-- Teachers want 15%, School Board offers 3%.


East Lansing-- The students are so fed up with the contract impasse, they plan to stand out in front of the school 10 minutes after the last bell and wear black. The teachers have been working to the rule as a result of stalled negotiations with the board, and students feel their needs are not being met by either group. Standing out in front of the school wearing black 10 minutes after the bell rings sounds like me in high school.


Zanesville-- Respect? Family? These are not the words used by opposite sides of the bargaining table during negotiations, but they are being used. The Zanesville Education Association and the school board may have a new contract ready to go (pending rank and file vote) four months before the old one expires.


Pittsburg-- Senate Minority Leader Robert Mellow has put a bill in the hopper to ban teachers strikes in Pennsylvania, apparently the strike-happiest state in the union.

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You should probably add Yucaipa, California to your strike watch list. We're headed there very soon.


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