Friday, March 16, 2007

StrikeWatch: Update Plus a Retraction

Update: Practice Makes Perfect
The union that represents the Community College of Philadelphia is now officially on strike. You may recall in my NNU #4 I mentioned that they did a practice strike. Well, it's game time now. Classes at the 37,000 student college have been cancelled until further notice. The main sticking guessed it, salary and health care. Go to the college's site and you can read their offers and memoranda. This Philadelphia Inquirer article is pretty good, too.

The Cornell Education Association in Pennsylvania was scheduled to go on strike 3/14. I erroneously reported that they did go on strike. In reality, both sides reached a tentative agreement on Monday evening, and both union and school board were supposed to ratify the agreement on Thursday Evening. I have not heard if it was ratified or not.

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