Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hayward: Day 5 (One week in)

The more I see what's going on in Hayward, and how HEA is handling things there (with the assistance of CTA) the more impressed I am. This is a really well-run strike (if there is such an animal).

Why do I say this? Here are my reasons (in no particular order)
  1. They're getting media coverage that doesn't portray them as "those striking teachers".
  2. It appears the parents support 'em.
  3. They had 98% participation on the first day of the strike.
  4. They've got a well-run website complete with updates and press releases and the like. Go here to the main page.
  5. They're putting their strike newsletters known as "HEA on the Line" up in PDF format, go here to see them.
  6. Their extensive use of Youtube is quite literally groundbreaking; to my knowledge, I haven't seen it used before when it comes to a US teachers strike; the grass-roots street cred it brings to the whole effort is great.
  7. They made this poster for scabs. (opens to a PDF file)

They're supposed to be meeting today with a mediator and apparently the mayor will be sending a letter to the Superintendent. I hope they get this contract settled soon, to their liking.

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