Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PREA Prez Gives Eduwonk a spanking!

Long story short, Fred Klonksy, the (unpaid, see volunteer) President of the Park Ridge Education Association in Illinois disagreed with this report that Andy Rotherham wrote about NCLB, competitiveness and the globalization of the economy.

Fred said in their piece "they say that the goals of NCLB are contradictory. They complain that the stated, although problematic, goal of equity is in conflict with the goal of making American schools competitive in the global arena."

And thusly the smacketh down begins. Fred included the above snippet in his reply post to the article.

Andy Rotherham sent Fred a pained email, which Fred posted for all to see (which of course Fred responded to as well).

This prompted Edwonk to post this short entry on his site.

Fred replied to aforementioned short entry on his blog. He then posted one more for the gipper.

Why am I so interested in this exchange? It's the beauty of the Internet, everyone has an opinion, everyone has the opportunity to read them or learn them and no one is marginalized because of the political leanings of local media.

I also have to say I will have the privilege of meeting up with Fred at the NEA RA in Philly in just about a week. Are you going? If so, I'd like to meet you as well. Please email me and we'll set something up.

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