Friday, August 31, 2007

Aaah, LABOR day weekend.

Howdy folks, thus brings to a close my first week of school. There will be no posts on LABOR day. (Go figure.)

Harlem teachers have ratified the latest TA, looks like they got what they wanted in regards to salary. Another article here. A great article about the contract talks here (best read of the bunch). Here's a brief TV channel article about the ratification.

This is crazy. I can't sum it up.

Tomorrow morning there will be more talks in the Bethel school strike. That's where the above picture is from, also there is more about the strike here.

Seneca Valley Education Association authorized a strike (though no date has been set) and refused to participate in a board-sponsored forum (read: pandering to the public) and the board has issued the ultimatum that if the teachers go on strike, each day they are on strike the board will reduce their offer of a 4% raise. Ugh.

Cahokia Federation of Teachers of Illinois have voted to strike on September 17th. They also represent secretaries and service workers.

This district in Michigan imposed a one-year contract on its teachers-- it's also running a deficit.

Okay, let me get this straight. Superintendent fires administrators, saves $.5 million, uses it to fund reading program that parents love, ties his salary to the performance of the students in his district? Huh? What planet am I on? (On a side note, if anyone calls someone else a "change agent" or an "agent of change" in print I will vomit, quite liberally.)
More about the potential Springfield Education Association strike.
The Barnesville strike is still on for this Tuesday.
Shoreline Education Association has voted for a strike authorization, and has set the date as September 5th.

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