Thursday, August 30, 2007

AFT President Ed McElroy on the NCLB draft!

President Ed McElroy of the AFT just sent me this email:

"This draft encourages a serious discussion of reauthorization and indicates a willingness to address many of the concerns raised about NCLB. With so much at stake for our nation’s students, it is unfortunate that some are seeking to short-circuit the discussion by characterizing this draft’s new flexibility as a step toward weakening the current law’s provisions to hold schools accountable. On the contrary, the draft is an opportunity to spark candid discussions about how to improve the law’s accountability provisions and offer more help for the students who need it most.

The No Child Left Behind Act is a complex law. Our initial review of draft language suggests that its reauthorization will be just as complex. This process demands careful and deliberative consideration of not just what is written but what its effect will be in our classrooms. Our students and teachers deserve nothing less. "

Okay, well perhaps he himself didn't send it, and it was one of his communications folks, but he still said it.

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