Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just 'cause you have choice doesn't mean you'll make good ones...

A school has been in the lowest possible academic rating category for the past seven years, is over a quarter-million dollars in debt and has just fired and then reinstated two of its administrators, while weathering an announcement that the school may not open in a few weeks for the next school year. Parents must be running pell-mell and tumble-bumble to withdraw their students from this waste of public funds, right?

Nope, not if it's a charter school.

Read more here.

On a side note, if you read way down the article, you'll notice the Leona Group, a for-profit charter management group out of Michigan was going to make a presentation to take over the school. You may remember the name from Mike Klonsky's posts about their severe allergies to unionization and their hijacking of the name of Cesar Chavez for some of their schools.

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Mz.H said...

it always makes me wonder - if they have all this money they're willing to offer to charter schools (even with strings attached), why don't they have it for the public schools where the vast majority of their youth population matriculates from?

Just found out I will be a union rep starting this year. I'm really looking forward to it. Our state (OR) is trying to bust the teacher unions everytime there is a contract negotiation in any district. It's only made us bond with the other districts more. We'll see what they try this year.


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