Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Negotiate in public? No thanks.

Board says "Let's negotiate in public."

Union says "No thanks."

I say: well spoken.


ms. whatsit said...

Good call, especially when the district is likely to throw out something like, "We just want to get rid of bad teachers," or "We're care about the kids, but the union cares only about itself."

I'm really interested to hear how these negotiations finalize.

Ryan said...

The notion from the school board member that these folks from outside would come and watch and not become a part of the process is an odd one to me; it seems like anyone with an opinion would make it known, one way or another.

And that's the heart of why public negotiations wouldn't work.

Dr Pezz said...

I agree wholeheartedly!

I go to my first training as a union executive board member tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes well because I know I have a steep learning curve to conquer.


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