Saturday, September 22, 2007

Angry Ohio, Cahokia, Tucson, SMETA, Higher Ed Strike and good 'ol Al.

Tucson Unified School District seems to have quieted down. After suffering a 1,400 teacher sickout, the union has accepted an across the board 3% raise.

Cahokia Federation of Teachers is still on strike. This article focuses on the effects of the strike on the kids.

Parents in San Mateo are getting edgy that SMETA might strike; I wrote about them in an earlier blog post.

Ed over at Ed in the Apple takes a sincere look at what Al Shanker taught us. (Note to self: Finish Shanker book review soon.)

CTA has begun it's anti-reauthorization campaign for NCLB.

Rider University's staff have voted to authorize a strike. Strikewatch has been updated.

Wellington Education Association in Ohio has voted to authorize a strike. What's up in Ohio? Things seem a little testy there.

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