Friday, October 26, 2007

After 3 days, back!

Edison local issues an intent to strike.

Seneca Valley is still out. "Useless, incompetent deadwood teachers" says one SV BOE member. You should check out their website-- well done. Have you seem this blog?

When you want to file a grievance in Chicago Public Schools, should you go to the union website or craigslist to get better service? Yep, you're right. You should probably go to craigslist.

Earlville is no longer on strike.

Don't forget Merge Divide's series "Report From The Line".

AFT's got a new report out about the mess that is New Orleans, thanks to the super-privatization that's going on there. Check it out.

Nippersink is back in.

This Catholic Teachers' Union will take a strike authorization vote on Tuesday.

More about banning teachers' strikes in PA. I say bite me, they have the right to strike.

Lake Lehman is still out; they will probably stay out the entire length they can to force negotiations to binding arbitration.

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