Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nippersink, Lake Lehman Strike.

Nippersink in IL is still on strike.

The Lake Lehman strike is still on:

  1. The LL BOE President's union supports the teachers. More here. Mr. Charles Balvage, your name is mud, sir.


Anonymous said...

Lake-Lehman teachers picketed the school board meeting and were joined by over 150 union members from local assoiciations. Over 12 schools were represented. Support such as this are so motivating to the striking members.
Thank you so much for your continued support!

Anonymous said...

Those supporting the board were so few in number. Many residents were worried about retributuion to their children dispensed by teachers. WBRE tv had students saying they "felt like pawns" as teachers last week told them that the board and their parents were wrong if they didn't support them.

Fair negotaition skills once again on display. Pressuring the children and racial slurs being slung. When schools out for strikes, there certainly is no class.

Anonymous said...

the teachers are not that far away from an agreement. however due to weak leadership by phil and dan they have left the psea stooge takover negotiations. he was fine until he spoke on tv. he came across as a dese dose and dem kind of ethnic local. his rfusal to let the membership get involved is typical . howeveer please dont think i am giving the school board a free pass. they decided to coslett their solicitor to negotiate at 150 dollars per hour. his normal rate is 75.n thus the board is paying twice the price for an area that coslett is not really an area of his expertise. however the longer it goes the more he makes. also the negotiating committee is not the best of the board as well. they have a hard headed not very bright political operative of the wyoming valley sanitary authority as their spokesman. he is almost as ignorant sounding as the psea fellow. the key issue is health benefits and the board has not addresed the fact that the 1500 per month they are paying for health care is probably 300 per month over the market. however neither side has taken the intiative to gert other health care quotes. the consortium the llhs board is in is a joke who has saved them money by overcharging the members and than tooting their horn. thus the board needs to be more aggresive and get other quotes. when they find the market is 1200 per monh or less they then do not need a copay since they will be spending less on healthcare. if the healthcare goes above 1500 then the teachers shoul kick in as is prevalent in industry and the rest o fthe real world. there are a number of school diostricts leaving the health care consortium already so the overcharging is common knowledge. just both sides are lead by dull not very bright people.


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