Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stuff of sunday!

Southwestern College in Cali will be voting on whether or not to disaffiliate themselves with CTA soon.

Nippersink Education Association is on strike. I need to update Strikewatch!

Pittsburg Federation of Teachers met yesterday in P-burg. They're going to take a strike vote by mail.

Earlville teachers plan to walk on Friday if they don't get a contract on Thursday's bargaining session.

Students walk out of Seneca Valley High School before the teachers do. The teachers have been working for two years without a contract.

What about these words of wisdom?

It was unions, after all, not congress, the church, or philanthropic organizations, who first outlawed child labor, mandated equal pay for women, and introduced industrial safety codes to the workplace. Heroically, unions beat everybody to the punch. Protecting workers is what unions strive to do.

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