Saturday, October 20, 2007

Strikes. Charters.

Seneca Valley is still out, health care and salary are the sticking points, or so says the press. The parents have established this blog, though it's late and I can't figure out exactly whose side they're on.

Lake Lehman is still on strike, and when your PSEA regional rep tells the press they can't tell how long the strike could last, that's BAD NEWS. The good news? The AFL-CIO showed up for the LLEA. That's called solidarity, folks. This is an interesting article about the "negotiating in public" charge that the LL SB has rightfully earned in PA.

Earlville is out; they're out, out of the classroom! (Apologies to Seinfeld fans.)

Good news, Reynolds EA is back in, apparently they reached some kind of a TA.

As PA is strike-bound, the talk about banning 'em gains steam. This opinion piece speaks out in favor of it! Boo!

New Orleans is the worst-hit city by charters, but would you believe Dayton, Ohio is the 2nd worst-hit by charters? Neither did I.

Remember Harrison Hills' two week strike? I do. They just ratified their contract, but no details yet.

This coach crossed the picket line. It's a moral decision, one that everyone has to make.

Nippersink is still on strike.

Janesville EA is working to the rule. I have absolutely no idea where Janesville is. Do you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,
Janesville is in Wisconsin, between Chicago and Madison.

Anonymous said...

Nippersink settled tonight, they will be back in the classrooms Monday

Earlville, at the table tonight. They went out Friday.

Anonymous said...

These contracts should be negotiated in public. After all, it's the public who pays the bill. They have a right to know.


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