Monday, November 26, 2007

Random Post Title Generator-- Does one exist?

The President of AFT Michigan speaks eloquently in this Detroit editorial on the topic of why unions are important. Perhaps he should be the next AFT President, eh?

So this charter school is doing home visits. No offense, but big whoop. I've done 'em before, and I think many of us in the true public sector have done 'em and continue to do 'em. But no one's writing an article about us. Why?

If I read one more article about how KIPP is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to schooling, I think I'm going to hurl. You know I'll blog about it, too.

By the way, the whole point of the post title was simply this-- I'm really getting tired of trying to come up with post titles. Any of you folks out there who are good with programming, you should come up with a web-based random blog post title generator engine. That would be cool. Note: I found this link, where you can random generate a story title. Neat, but not the same.

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