Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Random things....damn you, PREA Prez!


Okay, 7 random things?

  1. I've met H.W. Bush (as VP) Nixon and Ford, but still largely vote democrat.
  2. I remember running into Victor Borge as a kid and getting his autograph (he was on sesame street, you know).
  3. My father told me he'd pay me money to cut off my long hair in high school-- twenty whole dollars, and I took it (old man voice: That was a lot of money back in those days...)
  4. In my classroom I took my clock down and put up a sign that says "Time will pass and so will you" the kids HATE it!
  5. It is getting harder to do each progressive random thing!
  6. I had lunch down the street from Winnie Mandela's house in South Africa-- a mansion, with 10 foot high walls around it!
  7. I wanted to go up and introduce myself to Mike Antonucci at the NEA RA this summer, but I was afraid he'd de-unionize me. :)

And now the tags....

Eucator on the edge


That's it, I'm too lazy to do more. This is eduwonkette's fault. Blame her.

1 comment:

Dr Pezz said...

I put a sign over the clock that said, "Time is passing. Are you?"

A bit direct, but that's me. :)


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