Thursday, August 10, 2006

AFT / Mike Antonucci/ EIA / Cleverspin read this blog?

Alright, may sound like shameless self-promotion. And I guess it is in a way.

A few posts previous, I commented on an EIA communique about the leak of an internal AFT study. I ended the post by daring Mike to comment on where he got his information. I even complimented him (yes, complimented him) on not releasing the names of AFT staffers who were quoted in the study.

And whaddya know, he replied. I rarely read the replies on blogs I read (simply because I'm there to read someone's writing, not comment on it...unless it really strikes a chord) but dangit if he didn't reply. So, here's his reply.

Hi. I rarely respond to dares, but I did want you to know that I alerted AFT to the release of the report beforehand, and explained to them how I got the information.

I don't mean to be mysterious, but it would be counterproductive to reveal it publicly. Suffice it to say, my receipt of the material was due to a monumental blunder.

Thanks for the kind words. My aim was to write the best story I could based on the material, not to get employees in trouble for saying what they really thought. It was an easy decision to maintain their anonymity.

Best regards,

Mike Antonucci

I was out during the day yesterday, and as I have to publish comments to this blog (I've never not published, I just use it for 'bot protection) I was surprised when I saw in in my Inbox. I was also surprised to see my traffic shoot way up (uh, but it keeps the Blogger servers humming even on the slow days...heh).

I started looking at some of the stats on my traffic and saw some hits from believe it or not, AFT in Virginia! The referring link was a Google search with the terms AFT and Cleverspin. So wow...both sides embroiled in this thing have found me. Here I was, thinking I was insignificant and spewing forth pro-union stuff and no one was paying attention. (Note: self-importance level rising dangerously).

So, in all fairness, I dared Mike and he responded. So...AFT: I dare you to respond about this whole thing.

I'm not exactly daring you, but I would be interested in hearing your side of the story. Remember, Mike said I'm "unabashedly pro-union" so don't be shy. We can work something out where I don't use your name...c'mon, someone, anyone.

UPDATE: I know you AFT Nationals are still coming to this site-- welcome. Please post.

UPDATE #2 (8/14): AFT'ers, my email is drhomeslice at hotmail. com . How thoughtless of me to not leave it here.

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Ryan said...

Dude, a mention on the front page of Eduwonk? You're bigtime!


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