Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Union Bouquet #2 (The Back to School Version)

Welcome, ladies and gentlement to the second installment of the Union Bouquet. As it is, we shall highlight some back to school stories, advice and such in keeping with the whole "back to the grind" theme of this time of year. If you have something you'd like to see in the next Union Bouquet, email me at drhomeslice at !

Syntactic Gymnastics has 20 tips for back to school NYC teachers. Check out numbers 8 and 2.

SailorEcchi posts a little allegorical ditty about being a teacher.

The AFT blog tells a tale of fear, loathing and anti-union sentiment in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Gary, Indiana (yes, I'll say it once again-- Gary, Indiana) teachers are on strike. Good luck guys.

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ohdave said...


Just visiting since you left a message on my site. Thanks for stopping by; I've just started up after guest posting on another site for a while. I like your site. I'm a school administrator and former union leader. I tend to be supportive of unions unlike most administrators who act like they were never teachers.

How can you stand to watch teacher shows? God they drive me crazy.


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