Sunday, October 08, 2006

Union Bouquet #4

Union busting in New Orleans.

Witness the sad, sad story of Ted and Talia. Where was their union rep when they needed them?

The "dance of the lemons" is the name given to the movement of teachers within California schools who agree to leave one school to go to the next. The implication is that those teachers that leave a school are low-performing teachers and should that the system should be cleansed of them. This idea is explored on f'd up country. (Note: URL is not exactly work safe, due to profanity contained within the domain name.)

The Gentle Cricket also has something to say about the dance as well.

Even the President of a local is not immune to anti-labor sentiment and NLRB-worthy interference.

Heather Weathers was fired because her principal saw her website. I don't think her contract deals with the potential for academic freedom that includes menstruation blood paintings. That would be a tough one to defend.

An administrator who didn't know the contract well enough finds it coming back to bite 'em in the rear end.

Trebs is fortuitously warned to stay put in the teacher lounge by her principal to avoid the "crazy mom" looking for her.

This guy might is a patriot and a soldier, but he sure doesn't get teacher's unions.

Thank god they've found the problem...and it is us!

Is there a randomness when it comes to evaluations? Nah....!

Done in by a statue....where was this lady's union rep?

Save Mrs. Eshoo! Any readers in the know, uh, know what happened to her?

NY files a grievance!

This young 'un misunderstands the point of a grievance-- you can't file 'em against you fellow teachers.

Mrs. T confesses to being a work to the rule scab.

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Darren said...

You are quite the union supporter here. As a teacher who's *compelled* to financially support a union of which I'm not even a member, I obviously don't agree with your leanings.

Dr. Homeslice said...

Yes, I am a union supporter and I'm proud of it.

I saw your post on edwonk about CTEN. It's interesting to hear about the stuff that EdWonk lays on CTA-- I honestly hope that's not going on, as it gives all teachers' unions a bad name when one acts as improperly as this one.

So, uh, I think I might regret asking this (and I'm not a frequent reader of your blog) but why exactly do you choose to not be a member of teachers' unions-- outside of the political leanings of unions, which aren't even worth discussing....

Thanks for stopping by!


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