Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've never...

You know, I've been reading blogs now for oh, at least 4 years or so. I've been doing this blog for the better part of a year now. I've never come across a blog that actually irritates me...until now.

So there I am, surfing, looking for some good things to put in the next edition of the union bouquet. I found a pretty good blurb, a blogger who explained how unions stand in the way of the public getting a great education for their kids, etc. I wrote out the lampooning, sarcastic intro, added the link...and for some reason decided to look at what the blog was about.

The blog?

"Teacher Trash". *

The blog isn't about what teachers throw out, either. We're the trash in this blog.

The writer collects media stories about teachers who "shouldn't be in the classroom". That is, this individual posts stories from around the country about teachers who are accused of doing horrible things within their responsibilities as teachers and make the evening news or morning paper.

You know, our profession is done enough damage by the idiots who do evil things in the guise of being a teacher.

(Dr. Homeslice turns to face the blog-writer, Mediaskeptic)

Your blog does nothing except anyonymously defame nation's army of millions of teachers who work their behinds off for the betterment of their students in the search to publish a smattering of salacious details about the happenings involving a few depraved individuals. It is a waste of a few lonely bytes on a hard drive and the bandwidth that is needed to transmit it. You proclaim you are here to gather information on teachers that shouldn't be in the classroom, but you simply post old news stories that someone else breaks. You do nothing for the common good or the enlightenment of humankind. Go help tutor kids or something.

Mediaskeptic: to you I say BOOOOO!

*I refuse to link to this blog. I was not even considering mentioning it by name, but relented so you, gentle reader, could see for yourself how evil it truly is.


Anonymous said...

There is trash in every group on God's green earth. To stereotype any group based on such examples represents the basest ignorance.

Teachers are one of the last strongholds of unionism in this country, and they're widely perceived as unlikely to support the neocon agenda.

We're first-class targets. We're Willie Horton, every one of us. I don't think it's worth my time conversing with bigots and fanatics, but the existence of this blog doesn't surprise me in the least.

Chris said...

I've read that blog and the first thing the blogger does is post a disclaimer stating that the majority of teachers are dedicated individuals who contribute in a positive way to the children they teach. The blog then show the small percentage who are not. The percentage may be small but the sheer number of teachers that commit sex offenses every year is astounding. To those who feel offended by the the title of the Teacher Trash blog- they have every right to be so and every right to express your opinions, but so does the blogger of that post. He is posting news feeds not just his personal opinion of teachers. It opened my eyes and I would be very concerned if the freedom to share information was suppressed because someone felt offended.

Chris said...

You mean to say you won't give people the opportunity to see the blog Teacher Trash? They simply have to read your opinion to know how evil it is? Wow. I suppose you believe in censorship when it suits your beliefs because YOU know better. You'll make peoples minds up for them. I don't even know why I'm bothering writing to you. You won't post this comment or the previous one I wrote.

Dr. Homeslice said...


First, about censorship.

I've never, ever censored any posts from my blog that weren't spam. Ever. If you see that your stuff is up there, that would mean I don't censor it. I do the moderation bit so that I don't have 80 ads for cialis and herbal viagra. So therefore there is no censorship.

Furthermore, I actually name the blog. I could have said "You know, there's this blog which I'm not going to name but it's really bad". No, I didn't do that either. I simply chose not to link to it and knowingly send some of my readers there.

I don't think information about bad teachers should be supressed. I am tired about hearing about the idiots in our profession who do really stupid things; it seems as if there's a concerted effect to target us...right, anonymous? I'm just not going to give a blog that consists of scraping someone else's feed about the handful of idiots in a nation of millions of trustworthy teachers the time of day.

So there (bronx cheer forthwith).


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