Monday, December 25, 2006


  1. Apparently I and three other people don't want to change to Blogger's "new" system (that used to be called beta. So now, I am an "Old Blogger". Boo.
  2. Somehow, some worthless spambot has figured out how to post comments (anonymously, of course) to my Union Bouquet #7. I am honored that I am worthy enough (and high-traffic enough) to be spambotted, but c'mon....I'm also annoyed, and tired of hearing about Cialis. Anyone else have this problem? (The spambot thing, that is.)
  3. I am trying to figure out which stat provider I like better; or Both have their ups and downs. Your thoughts?
  4. Anyone know from any of those sites how to figure out how many people are checking you out on RSS readers? Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

The new Blogger is good if you want to change the look of your blog and you don't do HTML. You can continue to use your old template if you wish anyway, but you won't get the new functionality.

I recommend Haloscan comments to avoid the bots, and none of them have gotten me yet, but it's a bitch to install in a new Blogger template. They claim they'll have a fix within days, but they said so days ago.

Another thing you can try is enabling the letter thing so people have to put in a code. Blogger has that and the spam-bots usually don't get past it.

Thanks for the link to Life in the Rubber Room, by the way. I hadn't seen that before.


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