Saturday, January 20, 2007

Union Bouquet #9: Post Carnival Edition

For the latest on teacher union strikes or negotiations, click here.

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Union Bouquet! I hosted the last edition of the Carnival of Education and whew...that was some work. Fun, rewarding, love the traffic it's bringing to the ol' site, but it's quite a bit of work.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you haven't heard about the teacher contract language searchable database.

Edwize brings us the news of a Chinese teacher, pigs will fly to a recently frozen over hell. Perhaps they saw this post of mine.

Okay, so perhaps she's not necessarily a teacher, but she's still one of us. Dr. Homeslice has a crush on Ms. Solidarity Forever.

Edutheria presents for all the letter that Darren got from a CTA bigwig about California Empowerment Network. The best quote from Edutheria? "When will the public at last turn on these vile, thuggish, cynical, reactionary unions?"

Ednotes reports on the job action that has begun in LAUSD with the UTLA boycotting after school meetings and unpaid after school events. On a side note, I already got that up in the last UB, but they beat me on the possible one day Boston Teacher's Union Stike. The reason is apparently to express displeasure with the way negotiations are going. Since they've been working without a contract since August 31st, a one day strike won't violate any performance pledge in their current contract. It's interesting to note that they threatened a one-day strike in 2003 and got a contract then as well. Here is a Boston Globe article about it.

Middletown Teachers Association in Middletown, NY has a nifty website where they have a "Grievance Corner".

Texas Ed has a post that has something to do with getting rid of ineffective teachers, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

This is probably the most well-written news article about a grievance hearing. It's also the most uh, sensational.

In West Virginia, teachers might go on strike, so the local news station resurected footage of the 1990 strike and streamed it on their site.

Mr. Chalk, a limey, explains why he hasn't joined a union in 14 years of teaching.

The Governor of Maine is all for the consolidation of 290 school districts into 26 regional districts. The Maine Education Association is all over it.

Limonada recalls going on strike....against her father, the principal of her school....when she was in third grade. Priceless.

The Detroit News slams DFT members for being elitist and sending more of their own children to private schools than the public.

Joyeous explains the Boston Teachers' Union demonstration. She should know, she took part in it.

The Metro Nashville Education Association (I did a long post about them and their briefly appointed homeschooling school board windbag-thorn-in-their-side, Kay Brooks here) is being sued by a teacher who wants to get out of the union, but can't do it until the two month window according to the bylaws open up.

Ascribe ends up on the wrong end of a grievance. A 2 year teacher, he applied for and was hired for a lucrative school newspaper gig over a 30 year veteran. The teacher thought she should have been hired because she was better qualified and grieved it. The union is supporting the grievance.

Commentary: I realize I only have one part of the story, but as long as the hiring process was followed, this 30 year vet has nothing to complain about. Yes, it sucks when you don't get hired and you think you're the best candidate for the job. I've been there before, I think we all have. Bringing the union into this is the wrong thing to do just because you think you're the best qualified one, and it's even worse that this person's local is picking up their case. Just because you're the one with the most seniority doesn't mean you're the most qualified.

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