Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boston/ Los Angeles/ Alaska (Yes, Alaska) Update!

For the latest on teacher union strikes or negotiations, click here.

In Boston, this CBS channel is predicting that the weather will not affect the turnout for or scheduling of the strike vote. A quick check of the union's web page indicates the vote is still on, same bat time, same bat channel. The Bostonist claims the National Weather Service and the Boston Administration are in bed together. Heh.

Last night there was a debate between President Stutman and the Boston Superintendent over the contract issues/ deadlock. You can read about it in the Boston Herald. Just a few days before the strike, previously linked Steve explores the issues he has with his participation of the strike from a Christian perspective, one that I never thought of.

Jeff Stutman of the Cabot Institute speaks out against the potential strike, warning of the public good being trampled upon by organized labor. Whether he's right or not, you should know he is a labor lawyer who represents Fortune 500 companies with a wide array of labor-related services. Included in his repetoire is strike planning, tactics to make sure a company realizes there's "life after a walkout".

Los Angeles
This article from the LA Daily news has a great rundown on some of the issues with the UTLA contract settlement. It raises the issue about David Brewer, the former Navy Admiral turned LAUSD Superintendent-- what effect will this have on him? I think he's earned some political capital with this settlement, even though we all know that Superintendents aren't the ones who do the negotiating and are merely mouthpieces for board negotiatiors when they are allowed to speak.

I don't know how I missed this, but the Anchorage Education Association, led by the uh, interestingly named President Ron Fuhrer had taken a strike vote back in December and it appears that a strike is "imminent". My one question is if they do strike, do they have to picket?

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