Sunday, February 18, 2007

Imminent PA Strike/ Lee County Strike Over/ Hempfield Strike Notice Withdrawn

Come Tuesday morning, Baldwin-Whitehall teachers will be on strike. They've been without a contract since June of '06 and rejected fact finding from earlier. When the district said they would come back to the table on 3/8, the union got the message that the board didn't take the negotiations seriously. So they gave their 48 hour notice.

Lee County
The two week old Lee County teacher strike ended, despite parent's best efforts to persuade the Governor that teachers in the small district really did deserve a raise. They were only asking for $1000, but the board said they had no money. After two weeks, the two thirds of teachers who went on strike decided to go back to the classroom. The district promised to look for money next year (but I think they'll have as much luck finding it as we did with the Iraq WMD hunt) and striking teachers have to make up the days they missed or face being docked pay.

That means 1/3 of teachers scabbed and crossed the picket line; I'm glad I don't work in that district. I think there will be quite a bit of friction there when the striking teachers return.

Hempfield Area School District
In other related StrikeWatch! news, Hempfield Area School District's Strike Notice for this Friday was withdrawn, as the union and the school board have agreed to fact-finding to resolve negotiation issues.

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