Friday, March 02, 2007

Baldwin-Whitehall back at work an' other stuff...

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Man, those Carnivals O' Education are a lot of fun to do, but they're work....though they're worth it. You wouldn't believe the amount of splogs (spam-blogs) that send you such useless crap that you're never going to post. Also too, people just send you stuff that has NOTHING to do with education. I also didn't get Hube's stuff in there, so public apology to you there Mr. Hube, over at Colossus of Rhodey.

Also, I was one of the guest posters over at the EIA (Mike Antonucci's blog) during his absence. I wrote about the sham that are online charter schools ugh. No, I didn't even use the word "union" in my post. What's that you say? You're calling me a sellout? No, I figured posting there about how unions are really great would be like going into the tobacco shop and telling all the customers that those cigarettes, cigars and pipes are going to kill 'em. So I gave 'em something else to think about it.

On to some other stuff...

Baldwin-Whitehall is done striking and back in the classroom, having been out for 7 days. The three issues of contention are supplemental contracts, health care (big surprise there) and teacher salaries. Both the union and the district didn't agree with the state fact-finder. More negotiations to come, I guess. This "think tank" blog has written about the strike, calling it "churlish". Hey man, just 'cause you're a think tank doesn't mean you HAVE TO use obscure, 50 cent vocabulary words in your post titles.

Boston's executive board endorsed the tentative contract and the rank and file will vote 3/14. The union has already been slapped with $120,000 in fines for refusing to stop considering a strike from the state labor board. The district offered a 14% raise and a 10-15% increase in healthcare costs. I think the membership will go for this one.

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