Saturday, March 24, 2007

National Negotiations Update #7


Bakersfield-- Bakersfield Elementary TA says they have it in the bag; a 5.43% retro raise and the school district is paying more for their health insurance.

Castroville-- A sickout by teachers in the North Monterey County Unified School District by the local FT (Federation of Teachers) was done during slow-moving contract negotiations. The union did not sanction it, and cannot be penalized for doing so. Interestingly enough, the sickout happened during the beginning of the administration of the California Exit Exam.

Crockett-- Teachers in the John Swett Unified SD walked an informational picket to protest stalled contract talks.

Escondido- This one-school district is historically one of the lowest paid in San Diego county; recently teachers rejected a contract offered by the San Pasqual board with a 4.5% raise. They are supported by parents in that district.

Fresno-- Fresno Unified SD and the Fresno TA are at impasse; the SD is offering 5.5%, the TA wants 7.3%.

Los Angeles-- California State's faculty has voted (with an 80% turnout) over 96% to go on strike. A ten day quiet period is in effect now, and a strike could happen as early as April. It would be a rolling strike, 2 days of walk outs across the state.

Merced-- Atwater Elementary Teachers' Association has declared impasse.

Santa Monica-Malibu: The SMM Unified School District has approved the teachers' contract and a member of SEIU spoke at the board meeting, saying that the support staff are next in line for an improved contract.

Victorville-- teachers have finally gotten their back pay after the school board ratified their contract.


Naperville-- SD 203's BOE is controlled by the union, says this blog.


Rockport-- You may remember the last NNU where I talked about the Megunticook Teachers Association who addressed the board due to their poor bargaining techniques. The school board has replied in a letter. In short, they're ticked because they feel the union is bargaining in public.


Spring Lake-- The Spring Lake EA says the superintendent is using dire financial forecasts and the possibility of layoffs in the next school year to influence the union into accepting a substandard contract.


Billings-- They've agreed on the contract in School District 2.

New Hampshire

Hinsdale-- The BOE and the union have agreed to the contract, now it's up to the voters in the town to do so.

Nashua-- The Nashua Teachers' Union is without a contract, so they picketed their district's job fair.

New York

Garden City- Garden City SD and the Garden City TA have reached a tentative agreement; an MOU will be signed prior to the April 16th approval of the school district's budget for next year.

Pittsville-- The town's voters approved a new contract for teachers recently, but the result of decreased state aid and trimming $400,000 from the budget meant the elimination of 7 positions. Layoffs to get a contract are counterproductive.


Baldwin-Whitehall-- The 300+ strong Baldwin-WHitehall EA, fresh off of a strike earlier this year is still without a contract. They recently showed up in force at a recent BOE meeting to protest the lack of progress in contract negotiations.

Cornell-- The Cornell SD and the Cornell EA came to an agreement. The 5 year contract will increase salaries by about 1% each year and start requiring teachers to pay for health coverage, something they have not done yet. You may remember they came within 36-48 hours of going on strike last week.

Old Forge-- The school district approved the contract with the teachers' union, but they did it behind closed doors. The approval is not the problem, but the challenge comes from the fact that the legislative body did it without public input or oversight. A recent court ruling upheld the district's ability to do that.

Philadelphia-- The City College of Philadelphia is still on strike, and administrators say it's simply because the union is not getting .13% higher raise than what the school is offering. The union says there's more involved. Now students are joining the striking teachers.


Newport City-- North Country Union High School BOE and teachers/ support staff unions are at impasse.


Beloit-- Negotiations are set to begin for Beloit SD and the Beloit EA, and they're not predicting any sticky points! God bless 'em.

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