Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The 117th Carnival of Education: The Carnival of One Liners

Howdy! Below is the 117th Carnival of Education, but I tried something different when writing it out. In the interest of fairness, impartiality, brevity and wit each blog descriptor is only one sentence long, hence the title of "one liners". Happy reading!

I Thought A Think gives us a week in the life as a Teacher Union Vice-President.

JD2718 exposes the serious problems in the recent NYC "budget" salary seniority transfers.

NYC Educator attempts to "cash in" on the preponderance of reorganizations in city schools.

DY/Dan gives us a visual guide of why teaching is hard.

Mrs. H shares her class rules for first graders...which are longer than mine for high school students.

We all cringe when we hear a student say "But the principal said I could wear it!" when it comes to dress code violations-- just like Chanman does.

GrrlScientist ponders what the effect of the VT shootings will have on the application of the term "disturbing writings" on undisturbed students.

Joanne Jacobs chronicles a "violently disturbing" writing assignment that got a senior arrested and his armed forces enlistment cancelled.

Denise shares her math board quotes from the school year; even I, the anti-math might find something useful there.

Be a guest of ICE/ TJC at a recent UFT Delegate Assembly in New York, courtesy of Ednotes Online.

Ms. Q shares her labor-intensive but fruitful way of answering questions in her class.

Lennie puts his ideas on teacher pay into writing; Reg Weaver is sure to disagree.

May your day be a Shay Day.

Mat explores the idea whether online attendance/ grade reporting programs (like Edline) might encourage or develop helicopterism in parents.

Right Wing Prof pulls out line graphs, charts and a bar graph to explain his rebuttal of the theories that A) teachers are leaving the profession or that B) numbers of new teachers are declining.

Me-ander didn't have the best day.

NCLB might not be perfect, writes Brett, but it is a start.

The venerable Mamacita shares some of her more interesting statistics from her adult classes.

This administrator logs a minute-by-minute account of their day; all I can say is "Whew!".

An extremely quick read, but an essential question.

SAT and ACT scores aren't good benchmarks for college admission, says Meera.

Learn how Super ScienceGoddess perseveres and has a successful day dispatching the evil calendar and its meeting minions!

"I am not feeling the free expression youth movement," says Miss Profe.

Mrs. Bluebird muses about how overnight field trips helped change teachers and students in her school for the better.

Colleen has a second life; she's a techno-math teacher.

The Tempered Radical explores potential flaws in the NAEP.

Linda says rocking the boat is a good thing.

Ms_Teacher notices that the staff at her middle school are acting almost as bad (okay, maybe a bit worse) than the kids.

I've got to admit I'm with Darren on this one when it comes to the use of bathroom passes during class.

The Education Wonks give the Red Apple Salute to the national teacher of the year.

Matt Tabor, the blogging school board candidate, offers up thoughts on why everyone (principals, teachers and board members) should blog.

IB A Math Teacher over at Three Standard Deviations to the Left weighs the intricacies and permutations of assigning teaching schedules next year as part of their department chair responsibilities-- and comes up with some pretty interesting thoughts.

That's it. Entries for the 118th midway of The Carnival Of Education (hosted next week over at NYC Educator) are due today. Please email them to: NYCeducator [at] gmail [dot] com . (Or, easier yet, use this handy submission form.) Submissions should be received no later than 6:00 PM (Eastern) 3:00 PM (Pacific). Contributions should include your site's name, the title of the post, and the post's URL if possible.


Anonymous said...


I loved the one liner format! Quick to read, but more importantly, it left me wanting to know more.

Well done and thanks for the time...

The Tempered Radical

Batya said...

I love it! It's just what a carnival should be. Thanks for the link!

Ryan said...


Thanks,'ve done another super Carnival!

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

You've done a great job with the Carnival; thank you for including me.

KauaiMark said...

Ya never know what you're going to find at the carnival these days:

"...11:15 am Checked on recess and the complaint of a smell from the heavy equipment .... workers report the use of pig fuel as the unavoidable cause..."

I haven't even heard of this stuff before. Now I'm going to have to look it up...


W.R. Chandler said...

Simpler is better! Thanks for a well-organized Carnival and thanks for seeing fit to post my entry.


EHT said...

Wonderful job! Thanks for the email. I "almost" chuckled. :)

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Excellent job! I love the set-up!

San Dimas rocks!

NYC Educator said...

Thanks for the mention, Doc.

Actually, though, submissions are not due till next Tuesday May 8th, at 6 PM EST.

Anonymous said...

Re "May your day be a Shay day": it might be educational to read the commentary on this widely circulated story at

Dr. Homeslice said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. I'm glad you liked the format...seemed to agree with folks!


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