Sunday, April 22, 2007

National Negotiations Update #9 (4/16-4/20)


Hayward- HUSD wants an injunction against the ongoing strike. Another injunction article here. News Station's website here.

Madera-- Madera Unified Teachers Association have declared impasse and want a federal negotiator in on the action. Their last contract was decided through mediation, so this seems to be an ongoing challenge.

Ophir-- The teachers' union and the board have been at impasse since January; they've only met once.


Bradenton-- Planning time and teacher compensation are at the heart of contract difficulties here.

Broward County-- The BCSD is feeling the bite of the teachers "working to the rule". NPR did a story about it and you can listen here.


Everywhere-- Teachers in the island state (apologies to RI) will be voting on a contract that includes a 4% raise, and also allows for random drug testing. It will be interesting to see the fallout on this one. Will this contract be called the "Maui Wowie" contract?


Harvey-- In District 205, the 450 teachers that represent that unit are getting anxious-- they've been negotiating for a year, the contract expired last June and they're not getting anywhere.


Des Moines-- Suburban teachers get bigger raises, but Des Moines teachers have a better health benefits, having all of their health insurance paid for.


Ironwood-- The Ironwood SD and Ironwood EA are back at the table, prompting the IEA to withdraw it's previously filed ULPs.

Spring Lake-- Things are still contentious between the board and the union without a contract.

New Hampshire

Concord-- The Lebanon Education Association was acting like a bully throughout the year and the end result is the resignation of the principal, says this editorial.


Burlington-- This letter to the editor is in support of teachers on school boards, and its from a community member. This is the original article that prompted the letter.

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