Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tying up a few odds and ends....

So while my system was down, I accumulated a whole bunch of emails that I didn't do anything with. My inbox is relatively clean of them now, I got rid of the obvious ones (i.e. Hayward is on strike) and took a look at a few others. So after I do this post, I should be completely caught up until I procrastinate for the next time.

First, the Philly Community College strike is now over. The college got the union to accept their best and final offer and somehow threw in $160k of bonuses over 5 years, I think from a federal grant. It lasted 12 days.

In Philly news, candidates are "wit out" an endorsement (foodies and cheesesteak fans will understand the quote) for Mayor. The Philly Federation of Teachers voted not to endorse an candidates at all, the first time since '71.

I came across this interesting post and discussion regarding the involvement of unions in school board elections; it was polite towards unions...thought not for them.

That, brothers and sisters, is it-- I am now caught up.

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