Friday, June 22, 2007

Big Brother Is Watching

In Cook County, a teacher was fired due to action(s) caught on a hidden camera that was placed in the teacher's lounge. What is happening to this profession?


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

The story says specifically that the terminated employee was NOT a teacher. Still, cameras in the lounge, keeping tabs of everyone? Shades of Big Brother!

On the Edge said...

Though I wouldn't put it past my district to do the same, I don't think these kinds of violations of privacy (yada, yada. . . yeah, I've been told that we have no right to privacy in the workplace) are not limited to education.

We are living in a society that not only no longer questions these kinds of things, it delights in them. We are also a society that places an unquestioning loyalty to what we can do with technology. The level of voyeurism the general public expects coupled with what we now can do feeds a sick need to catch unsuspecting people in the act of doing something wrong. It also seems to me like post 9/11 American domestic policy has justified this behavior in the public's eyes.

Yeah, teachers and education are high on the hit list these days, but I fear that the problem is more universal.

Big Brother is watching you.


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