Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bits and pieces....the weekend edition.

The Laconia Education Association is thinking about working to the rule. Isn't it a bit late to do that now?

Quincy teachers win the "latest strike in the school year" award for their one-day ditty earlier this week.

Cuyahoga Falls Education Association has authorized a strike; their contract expires August 26th. The reason for the early vote? They wanted to take the vote before everyone went on break.

The Alberquerque Public School District is still tap dancing in the mine field that was sown by the grade change from earlier this spring.

More on the anti-teacher strike bill in the Penn legislature here and here.

Very interesting piece in the LA Times by Bruce W. Smith, a self-described "leader of the teacher revolt" at Locke High Schools. Turns out most of my theory was crap. That's why it was a theory. :)

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