Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogosphere BBQ...

Bits and pieces from the blogosphere...

Whitney Tilson blames the union forcing an Albany Charter School to close...(among other things) He also reports on ST. Louis's BOE (which was taken over by the state and the system lost its accreditation) decision to drop Teach For America (where's Eduwonk on this one) plus spending $25k on a no-bid contract to discredit charters. Predictably he is crying foul, but I think that's a great decision on that part of the BOE. After all, the privatization movement is basing their argument on supply and demand; it's okay for charters to advertise say their proponents, to increase their market share, but it's not okay for public schools to use public money to do so. Boo to you!

The Teamsters coming in to take over the Clark County Education Association? Throwing out the current union? New guy who had bodyguards with mob connections? Ugh. Mike Antonucci is gonna have a field day with this one.

Sherman Dorn's other blog gives a short primer on union history....

An old article, but it explains why unions are death for charters...which I disagree with, of course.

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