Sunday, June 17, 2007

Youtube, Ron Paul, Frank Rich, Paris Hilton

What is the unifying theme of this post?

The fact that everything mentioned in the title has absolutely zero to do with the body of the post. I was browsing on Technorati, saw that they were the top searches listed as of right now (10 AM in the morning) and figured it would be interesting to run a little experiment to see what kind of traffic it would generate for me. Heh.

Blogging for everyone has been pretty sparse lately; even the AFT blog is out for summer. Remember folks, I am going to the NEA RA in Philly in a few weeks, I'd like to meet up with some of you out there; shoot me an email (drhomeslice at ). I think I'm going to sneak up on AJ Duffy wearing a Steve Barr mask, see what he does. Heh. Does Duffy have security? Does Weingarten? For some reason it seems like they would...don't know.

Happy Fathers' Day to all, and if you've never seen Post Secret, you've gotta see their Father's Day changes every Sunday!

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