Sunday, July 08, 2007

8 Random Facts...

Ahh.... memes. Got this one from Educator on the Edge.

8 random facts, you say? Ok.

  1. I can't eat raw apples. If I bite into an apple (whole or cut), it sends shivers up my spine of the worst kind. Apples are to Dr. Homeslice as garlic is to vampires.
  2. I am a sucker for most reality shows, unless there's singing involved in which case then I can't stand it and refuse to watch them.
  3. I have met both Fred and Mike Klonsky.
  4. I have met three former Presidents: Nixon, Ford and G.H.W Bush. Ironically enough, I do not count myself among the uh, Republican crowd.
  5. I was deathly afraid of those ear-burrowing creatures from Ceti Alpha Five when I was a kid after seeing Star Trek II.
  6. I saved money from my first job to buy a black leather motorcycle jacket; I still have the jacket, but no motorcycle.
  7. Based on the amount of amateur fireworks going off right now, apparently my neighbors think that it's still the 4th of July...4 days later. Idiots.
  8. At the NEA RA in Philly I totally meant to hit up a raw bar and slurp down some oysters, but never made it. Doh!
The following folks are now assigned to repeat this assignment:
Mike Klonsky
Ms. Whatsit
Pissed Off Teacher
Round Deux

That's it...I'm too lazy to do more. Good luck!


Pissedoffteacher said...

Thanks--I've already posted but I am afraid I am not too interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mine is up also.

ms. whatsit said...

Doc -- I've already done this one, but thanks anyway.

I can't bite into raw Granny Smith apples either. The rest are okay, but the Granny Smiths hurt my teeth too much.


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