Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hot in the City: Carnival!

I don't know where you are, but where I am it's hot. Hot in the Carnival, uh, today. Yeah. Anyhow, welcome to the newest installment of the Carnival of Education. Summertime is all about the one-liners, and so are my versions of the Carnival. Enjoy!

Matthew Tabor comments on the sad state of British education.

EdWonk confesses to Rush Limbaugh perhaps...being...on to something?

Having the drive is great, says Joanne Jacobs, but you've gotta know how to write a research paper.

Junie B. Jones: good example or scourge of America's parents?

Ryan compares Junie B. Jones as a "gateway book" to Walter the Farting Dog.

Take a sneak peak at Mister Teacher's To Do List.

Learn to use a computer, says Mamacita to her fellow teachers.

Mat tackles the ramifications of a recent court decision requiring equal funding of public and charter schools in Maryland.

EdNotes posits what a good contract for Joel Klein would be.

Bad weather cancelling your outside time isn't a problem when you follow these homeschooling indoor phys-ed ideas.

History Is Elementary masterfully points out that state history allows the teaching of the country's history from your neighbor's viewpoint-- not being a "tack on" activity.

New Year's Eve is more than four months away, but it sounds like Joel's already making resolutions for the upcoming school year.

Not being an English teacher, I am literally (not figuratively) confused as to the exact corundum within this post.

NYC Educator weighs in on universal health care; the anti-UHC folks are selling Pravda on the corner, but are people buying it?

Jose Vilson waxes poetic (or at least the poet does in the book he owns) and shares an ode to the first year teacher.

Ed Notes (no, I did not repeat myself) calls foul on the Weingarten-sanctioned dual unionism UFT/ Green Dot under construction in NYC.

Mike in Texas learns when not to send stuff home with a student.

The role of grades as a gatekeeper when it comes to chemistry is explored by the Science Goddess.

By taking local papers to task over the accuracy of charts like "Metro Math Losers", IB A Math Teacher proves why they're my favorite math teacher blogger.

Darren painstakingly backs up his theory as to why the NEA is not a democratic organization.

In North Carolina, charters are authorized by the members of the "established system" which causes them to not be as innovative or as groundbreaking as they could be, says Bret.

Stuck between a teen and a prize place, Shay's daughter spurned the summer reading program.

Self-described conservative and libertarian Chanman got something he's been looking forward to in the mail.

This post on math was more complicated than I expected, even though I expected it to be more complicated than I expected.

Patrick takes on the NCLB reauthorization debates and does so quite voluminously, I might add.

Janine takes on the history section of the NY Regent's exam while asking a pertinent question, inquiring into the color of George Washington's white horse.

Limey Old Andrew delves into the "F&%$ Off Factor", but fails to answer whether his students say "Guv'nah" at the end of their classroom invective.

This post is about a book, and it truly seems quite lovely but it is late as I write this and I'd like to get to bed. :)

Thanks to all who contributed. Next week's carnival will be hosted by Mike at Education In Texas. Submissions should be sent to mikea3_98 (at)yahoo.com no later than 9 P.M. EST on Tuesday, August 7th, or you can use this handy submission form.


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Thank you so much for including me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention.

No, my students don't say "Guv'nah" at the end of their invective. In fact I've never heard of the word "Guv'nah". Is it Spanish?

Darren said...

Muy bueno!

Jose Vilson said...

Hey what's up? Yeah, that was me who wrote the poem. I just shared something I wrote that was inspired by what was in the book. Thanks for including me. Peace ...

EHT said...

I sincerely appreciate the adverb "masterfully".....thanks!

Anonymous said...

The link to my site still doesn't work.


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