Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lowering the wall separating church and state?

A Jewish charter school in Hollywood, Florida is poised to open. They're going to teach Jewish culture, Hebrew and Jewish history, but will not be teaching religion. Faculty will not be able to pray, but they will serve kosher meals to students.

"....with charter schools like Ben Gamla, we are opening the door for public money to be used to support all sorts of religious ideologies across America," Tuffs warned. "What will we say to the imam down the street who says he wants to teach Arabic within an Islamic cultural setting? Or the fundamentalist Christian group that wants to start a school to teach Christian culture?"

Interesting. You're probably expecting me to say something snarky here, but I ain't touchin' this one with a 10 foot pole.

Hat tip to Edspresso for this article.

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