Sunday, August 05, 2007

Misplaced priorities.

In Rockland county (wherever the heck that is) two of five school districts are having a hard time sealing the deal on their contract. The reason?

"There are about seven people at the table, so you have to get seven schedules that will match," Hughes said. "Since people are in and out over the summer, it was difficult, unfortunately."

In East Ramapo, Board of Education President Nathan Rothschild said he was disappointed there had been just two meetings between the district and its teachers union this summer.

"This is their time off," Rothschild said of district teachers, "and they have a right to be off, so I can't fault them for not being more available. ... but I wish they were."

You're not in the teachers' union when it feels like it. You stay over the summer and get the contract negotiated, and if you have to stay home from a family vacation so be it-- you're on the bargaining team for a reason.


Anonymous said...

Rockland is across the Hudson from Westchester County, in turn due north of (my part of) New York City. It is a longish commute into the city, but many of our cops, firefighters and teachers live there.

That being said, taking a union responsibility is a responsibility, not an honor. Not going to keep with it? Don't step up, You are absolutely right.

Dr. Homeslice said...



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