Saturday, August 18, 2007

Roughly 48 hours away from the computer...

...and here is what I have to bring you.

Glad I'm not a member of the Long Beach teachers' union. (Ugly!)

I rarely link to Mike Antonucci, but behold his dry wit. Also interesting is his Wikipedia edit history introspective when it comes to the national affiliates.

On a side note, only Nixon could go to China. However, if an Academy of Chinese Language (a charter school, by the way) fails to hire even ONE native chinese speaker-- can you call it an Academy of Chinese Language? And when a tree falls in the forest....

What would you do if your superintendent moved your planning time (and all of your colleagues' planning time) before or after the school day without so much as a "by your leave"? You'd do what the good uniony folk in Dayton, Ohio did-- file a grievance!!

Interesting article on cyber-charters in PA. (I personally am against them unless they are subject to the same oversight as a regular district [i.e. run by a district and using unionized teachers]).

Did you know that people who oppose vouchers AUTOMATICALLY favor same-sex unions? Neither did I, but if you're living in Utah, you just might get a phone call....

This completely unbiased piece shows that the NEA tail truly wags the Democratic Party Dog. (Now if that's the case, why does Hillary still support charter schools?)

Once again, students and teachers are harmed and their academic prowess temporarily derailed by a lack of administrative presence.

In Chicago, PeopleSoft is a lot soft on the human condition.

Maine is regionalizing; that is, consolidating school districts from 290 down to 80 and it must be done by the start of the 2009-2009 school year. Oddly enough, I was just at a progressive think-tanky meeting this weekend where I somewhat advocated for the same thing in my state.

Alexander, over at the District 299 Blog (Chi-town) predicts no strike from CPS teachers, but not much difference in the new contract, either. For me, the jury's still out.

(Best Bill Lundberg voice from Office Space) "Uh yeah...about that raise....we're going to give you one cent on the dollar and we'll need to come in this weekend and run TPS reports."

Mike of the brothers Klonsky recounts the Barr/ Green Dot/ Union suare in Chi-town.

AFT. Walmart. Newswire. Need I type more?

28 minute strike? Yep.

On a side note, I am continuing to read the Shanker book. Good.

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Ryan said...

I've got the Shanker book on order from Amazon, but it's not come yet.

I hear you, too, on the district consolidation thing. Local control matters, but we've got several districts that could be folded into others efficiently.


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