Saturday, August 25, 2007

Toast, coffee and links.

PREA Prez notes that Chi Town teachers are still at the table.

Reactions to the Harlem, IL strike. Union News has a piece, too. Interesting opinion piece by a sportswriter.

Mike Klonsky lets us know Catalyst has a transcript of the Barr/ Stewart symposium from 8/15 online now.

Baltimore Teachers' Union will be working to the rule when classes start; negotiations are not going well and the central issue is planning time.

It's been two years since Katrina hit New Orleans, and here is one view of the city's schools. Here's another view of "good people moving to be part of something good", which they are, just make sure you join UTNO!

Rockford Education Association in Rockford IL, just authorized their negotiations team to strike if need be. For some reason I figured when the new school year started I wouldn't have to do much StrikeWatch updating. Guess I was wrong.... More about it here. Video clip here.

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