Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tomorrow the little kids come.

The Baltimore Sun comes out against Baltimore teachers' work to the rule action. "Caring teachers who prize professionalism should be less interested in "work to rule" than in resolving an issue to the benefit of students" says the sentence ending the article. My response? If those caring teachers were treated as professionals, work to the rule would not be necessary. The sticking point is over planning time, of all things. Matt of Going to the Mat Blog has his views on working to the rule, and while it's a good read, I think he's wrong.

Substitute teachers for catholic threaten strike? Only in Canada, eh.

In PA, gov. Ed Rendell says "Teachers should have a statewide health plan". PSEA (the NEA state affilliate) says "tell me more". This is probably in direct result to the disproportionate number of teacher strikes that occur in that state.

DPS teachers have a great tactic for their negotiations: they passed out "their side of the story" leaflets within a two-block radius of their school board members' homes. Kim Ursetta is president of that local-- I met her over the summer at NEA and she's good people.

Harlem's still on strike, but their parent-teacher talks seemed to go well.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were not the only ones to put out a manifesto; apparently the NEA did it too. At least according to this guy. One of those posts for me that I would really like to reply to, but would spend about 8 angry hours doing so. Anyone else game?

The Barnesville BOE is prepping scabs for the impending 9/5 teacher strike. (Hat tip to Union News.)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what's going on in Baltimore, but I im'ed an acquaintance, a high school teacher there, and she said:

"I knew we didn't have a contract
"didn't know we were working to the rule
"certainly not happening at my school


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