Saturday, September 29, 2007

Harrison Hills Teacher Strike?

Whether or not there will be one will be decided in a a number of hours by a vote from the teachers; the BOE there has already hired a security firm and scabs. At least in Cahokia the administration had the good sense to shut down the schools. The board left an hour early from the negotiating session. Good luck, HHTA.

To quote Jack London:

"A scab is a traitor to his God, his country, his family and his class."


Anonymous said...

Jack London believed in a god? I always assumed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

if you REALLY read both sides of the story...i say they HHTA are the ones not bargaining in good faith.

they can skew the facts any way they want...they live in one of the poorest counties in Ohio...if they want the money of the big city teachers...let them go work in the city and pay city taxes and work with city kids.

given the average income for the county...the teachers are some of the highest paid employees in that county...and had the teachers supported the bond for new schools perhaps the school board wouldn't need to hold money back for building upkeep.

i am a union member (not an HHTA member)...but don't just blindly support the HHTA because they are union...let's use some common sense.

Anonymous said...

anonymous needs to read the facts not the myths of the BOE. HHTA has bargained in good faith since May 8th and wanted this settled before school started.

Teachers did support the levy. The schools are some of the worst in the state and need to be replaced. The levy did not pass because the BOE tries to keep things secret and hope the public doesn't notice. Well, they do and they respond.

Just because I chose to work in rural Ohio does not mean I deserve less than those working in the city. We all deal with kids, parents, administration and should be treated with the same respect. It is obvious that there in no respect by the BOE in this case.


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