Monday, September 17, 2007

Strike? School Board Rats? Not working to the rule?

Cahokia-- on Sunday, this article went online stating that the Superintendent had cancelled school due to the expected and pending teacher strike.

Fresno-- this columnist calls for the Fresno Teachers' Association President Larry Moore's ouster. Of course, the columnist does not have a vote. This edutorial calls for the ratification of the BOE's offer for their contract.

Calument, IL-- The teachers of the District 155 Teachers Council of the Southwest Suburban Federation of Teachers Local 943 (whew!) have authorized a strike.

Did you know that being a teacher is a part-time job? That's what this guy thinks.

Baltimore Blogger Epiphany who isn't working to the rule blogs about why exactly he/she isn't.

Hud Callahan laments about the Chicago pay system.

"Well of course I'm pro-union," said the Charter School Operator, "but why would my staff need to join a union? There are only seven of them."

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