Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trouble Brewing in Harrison Hills!

There's trouble afoot in Harrison Hills, Ohio. Somehow, I missed the fact that the local there, Harrison Hills Teachers' Association (an OEA affiliate) had authorized a strike vote and given notice for October 1st. This past Wednesday, the Superintendent had been authorized by the BOE to hire scabs and security for said scabs should the strike actually happen. You can check out the union's page here, the actual article here or the three page FAQ (PDF) about the "what ifs" put out by the district, designed to help parents feel better about sending their kids to cross picket lines.

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Ryan said...

No money for teachers, obviously, but there's plenty for security firms, time to make FAQs, saving money by cutting off the teacher's insurance, etc.

I think there's some pretty good reasons to question the districts priorities here.


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