Monday, September 03, 2007

What's happening in Chicago?

Wow, what is there to say?

CTU just ratified a TA agreement (I think) after some protracted contract negotiations. The "strike" terms were bandied about, more so by the press than either bargaining side.

Now YouTube (and a member of the CTU) have brought us an inside view of the Delegate's Assembly (or whatever the lower "house"/ deliberative body of the CTU is called) during the ratification meeting.

Even my buddy PREA Prez has commented about it.

I'm not here to cast blame against President Stewart; I'm just noting the exteme displeasure of the delegates in the seven videos posted on YouTube. Unfortunatley, whoever posted the videos must have done so with a cell phone; all are less than 30 seconds and give us something of a one-sided view of the Assembly.

Clearly they weren't happy with the specifics of the contract TA, but it was still voted in. I know President Stewart won the latest Presidential election and will be there for at least two more years (help Victor) but this may be something that follows her into the next election and, uh, taints it a bit.

On a side note, if Assemblies are going to be videoed, they should be done in their entirety, not bits and pieces.

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