Friday, September 07, 2007

Working to the rule, Striking, Strike Law, Misguided Individuals and Leona.

You might remember Epiphany, the teacher-blogger in Baltimore I recently highlighted for "work to the rule". Mat of "Going to the Mat" fame has picked up on his post and used it in an anti-union bent. It's well written, but I completely disagree with it.

Speaking of work to the rule in Baltimore, the Nashua Telegraph presents an anti-union editorial directed towards those very folks in Baltimore. And it uses RI teachers as an example, too. This website supports RI teachers and urges Rhode Islanders to call their state legislator and urge fair school funding. Judicial angle on RI public sector strikes, too.

This misguided individual misunderstands what it is about to be a teacher in a union.

"I wouldn’t be a teacher if they paid me. The dizzying array of social problems that walk through the schoolhouse door every morning is an added burden that I can’t imagine having to deal with on top of daily lesson plans. And a good teacher is still as rich a resource as a community can have." Sadly, this editorial writer goes on to point out how teachers have it so good, and that we shouldn't strike.

On a side note, a Leona-managed Charter School is in the red by over 20k at the end of the year. Go figure.

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