Thursday, October 11, 2007

Full of P*ss and Vinegar.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I'm more militant in this post than in others. Enjoy.

Reynolds Education Association is still on strike.

The Manchester Education Association bum-rushed a BOE meeting with 500 peeps 'cause they haven't had a contract in nearly 100 days.

"Lake-Lehman Strike Seems Inevitable" reads the headline. Well, simply put it wouldn't be inevitable if the BOE didn't negotiate in public.

In Carlsbad, the BOE got spanked on a prohibitive employer practice-- they're fairly rare and you have to be pretty stupid to do it.

Wellington EA in Ohio is back on track; a strike is not in their future.

This grammatically/ punctuationally challenged anti-union blogger asks the question "Do teacher’s deserve contracts?". Yes, "The Watcher" they do, 'cause your English teacher obviously didn't get paid enough to teach you correct usage of an apostrophe! (It is easy for me to make a typo, but when it comes to grammar and punctuation I am somewhat of a stickler.)

American Samoa had a strike, but it didn't go so well.


Anonymous said...

Yeah ..."negotiate in public". God forbid taxpayers know what kind of contracts our schoolboard representitives are offering. It's far better to keep us in the dark and raise our taxes to pay for unrealistic health care benefits for teachers after the contracts have been signed. You are so wise and crafty, much like a PA lawmaker voting for a raise in the middle of the night.
Thanks goodness we have philosopher/kings such as lawmakers, teachers unions and yourself to make sure things are done privately in back rooms, before the unwashed masses could voice an opinion.

Dr. Homeslice said...

Representative democracy involves electing people to represent you (for example, on a BOE) and then having them represent your wishes. If you don't like what they're doing, tell them so.

And I'm not a philosopher king, but thanks for crowning me.

Anonymous said...

Good. So you have no problem with changing the "sunshine law" to allow for letting us know the content of the contracts they (BOE) are offering. This way we can keep better track of their actions. Really, it would keep everybody honest.

While were at it let's level the playing field, teachers can strike, but schools can hire non-union teachers while they are striking. I hear there's over 100 applications per open position at Lake Lehman, because everybody wants in on that free health care. Maybe we could do it for less and increase test scores. It certainly seems worth a try.

I'd love to abolish the burdensome pension system for teachers and lawmakers in this state as well, even the auditor general of PA says it's bloated and will bust the taxpayers. I tell the lawmakers, but it seems they don't listen. Perhaps they were educated by PA teachers. Or maybe, just maybe, they're influenced by that lobby located across the street from them in Harrisburg.

Dr. Homeslice said...

Wow. You're one negative guy there Zaius. Care to share why? Feel free to email me anytime and we can take it out of the public sphere of things.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Unlike the teachers union, I like to have discussions about the use of taxpayer dollars done in public.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zaius,
Voicing an opinion is one thing, but when you want to do the job of those you elected it can only lead to problems. You elected officials to the boe and the teachers voted on a negotiating team. It is wrong to negotiate in public. The board called the media to that meeting --

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zaius,

Level the playing field?? Think about what you are saying! If your child just graduated from college -- with no experience other than student teaching would you advise him or her to work for a school district where the teachers are striking? And, do you really believe that there are 100 hqt for every position open at the district you speak of?? I would not want my child going to a school filled with inexperienced teachers who are not in a union> but that is me. I want my children to have teachers with experience, and the ability to stand up for what is right and it is right to strike when unfair labor practices break down negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zaius,
This name suits you - on "Planet of the Apes" isn't it Zaius who prefers a stagnant imperfect ape culture. I believe Zaius serves as a government official with authority over all humans in his district. The "I" statements in your comments speak volumes - You are as Dr. Homeslice said one angry guy. I get the feeling you either tried to run for office and lost or never finished your education. Get some counseling!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 : Well, yeah they should have made it public - I though I made my point clear on that.

Anonymous 2 : PA #9 in pay #45 in SAT scores. So, let's try something different. Let's bring in some new teachers. Really can it hurt that much? #45?!?! It seems the system is working just swell right now, doesn't it? At least taxpayers would have some teeth for negotiation when the union rejects the BOE offers and strikes. Granted, the idea of fresh teachers isn't the most pleasing but ...WOW #45 in Sat scores..whew!

Anonymous 3 : OOP ACK! I'm in land where ape law rules on education issues! Yes, my stagnant ape culture cannot compete with this marvelous modern world of fully paid health care and taxpayer subsidized pensions, OOP! This Americana of the 50's and 60's you speak of. So modern...Oh wait we are in the 2000's now where no one but lawgivers and educators have these outdated systems?!?! These philosopher/kings? HMM, whose stagnant culture are we talking about now? Perhaps taxpayers can subsidize cart making for transportation and barrell making for homes. Outdated items you say??!! OOOP Ack!


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