Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lake Lehman Madness!




The BOE released their contract proposal to the PUBLIC-- didn't even send it to the union. That's called "negotiating in public" and LLEA will be filing a ULP, and rightly so. The BOE says they just want to keep things "transparent". Their offers are crazy and unworkable, no wonder the district went on strike last year. If I were a member and saw this, I'd want to strike again!

They also want to censure the Union President for an alleged slur he used that was directed towards a member of the BOE.

If you are a union type and read nothing else today, read the original article.


Anonymous said...

I have a first grader in the lake lehman school district and am very upset that the the strike is going to happen. Both sides have to work together to solve this. Think about the children that you are affecting with this strike. obviously all that is thought about is the $$$$$ not the childrens education that is being affected. The teachers and union do not care about the children. I am afraid that my son is going to be behind in years to come because first grade is the foundation that is being built on in the grades to come. The teachers and john holland are very selfish and am just thinking about themselves and not the children in the district.
I have a feeling that the strike is going to last a long time until a judge orders court appointed negotiations since the union is not willing to work with the district and come up with a contract solution. This is so unfair to the kids and the parents that live paycheck to paycheck and have to come up with $200 extra $ a week to have daycare until this is resolved. I believe that the union and teachers intent is to hurt the children and the parents of the district. They dont care about the children at all they just want to line their pockets with as much money as they care at the expense of the children. People in education have to care about the children and in this case the Lehman teachers do not care about our children at all. If they did they would be demanding resolutions and talks to be scheduled to resolve this once and for all. They should be working with an outside arbitrator and not just john holland. I dont think that it was right to refuse the offer presented by the district. At least the district cares about the families and wanted it known from them about the offer and not have the media make up stories.

Dr. Homeslice said...

Call your BOE member (if you live in a ward type system) and tell them to fix it. They're YOUR elected representative, right?

Anonymous said...

Well let's see, I am a curent student at lake lehman and i really don't like what the teachers are doing, but it's not all the teachers. most of them that you ask don't even know what's going on. there are only a few teachers who make the decision to strike. and as for the previous comment " I am afraid that my son is going to be behind in years to come because first grade is the foundation that is being built on in the grades to come" what about the lenght of christmas break (assuming that we have one)? do you really think that your child is that stupid to forget all that stuff during a strike and not christmas break (i'm sorry 'winter break')? i'm not saying i like what the teachers are doing but the administration is not exactly 'holier then thou' so have fun on strike days great time to catch up on movies really you should try it maybe make you a little less tense

Anonymous said...

The strike appears to be about healthcare premiums. Sure, the BOE appear to be a bunch of hardcases. But really, NO ONE has any sympathy for the LL teachers when a) most of the districts in PA have teachers co-paying HC premiums
b)almost everyone in the outside world co-pays their premiums.
I hear all the arguments, "we have college degrees and we're underpaid". Well this is the USA and they have a choice. Nobody held a gun to their heads making them teachers. With their degrees and experience, they are more than qualified to teach in a corporate setting. The BOE are OUR elected reps. They should be doing something to help hold the line on taxes.

Anonymous said...

you know, i am a student and well as like the other student said, more then half of the teachers dont even want to go on strike either, its just the handful of teachers that want strike. and in a way i agree thaat teachers should be putting forth money in order to cover their health care. most people in the working society are paying.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are union people, however being part of a union does not mean you have to hurt the people who are paying your saleries. Almost everyone, who is lucky enough to have health insurance, pays part of their own insurance. I don't feel that the teachers should be any different then the people they work for. Most of the LL tax payers don't have health insurance themselves and don't make any where near the money the LL teachers make. So I say GOOD JOB to the school board for standing their ground and finally doing the job the taxpayers hired them to do. Don't give in, and if the teachers don't want to vote yes to this contract, I say go back to the first offer and stand strong with that one!!

Anonymous said...

LL teachers, as of right now, make double the salery of most of the people in the lake lehman school district. Also most of the people are paying for their own insurance or at least a co pay. I say fire the teachers and start over. This has gotten out of hand. No one can afford the teachers anymore. We cannot fire the teachers because of the way the contracts are written, however we can Close the school because we can't afford the teachers anymore. Reopen the school under a different name like, Lehman HS and hire all new teachers at entry level! I'm curious to know what the teachers contract says about laying off teachers and not having to hire them back. At the company I worked at our contract read "if you were laid off for a period of 4 months you lost your pay scale, if you were laid off for 12 months they didn't have to hire you back. Hmmm... are you thinking what I'm thinking???


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