Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday morning.

New DC Supe Michelle Rhee is stirring it up; she's asking to classify about 900 or so non-unionized employees as at-will workers so she can fire 'em when and how she wants. That's one thing, but she was quoted in this article that she'd be asking for the same thing in DC for their teachers. She already has the power to fire a teacher in 90 days-- which is unheard of, why does she want to do it more quickly?

Merge Divide over at Serendipity in PA ruminates on the idea of teacher strikes being illegal and says "heck no". To quote, "Exactly what leverage would teachers have in contract negotiations if striking became illegal? How would they maintain the type of salaries and benefits that attract the brightest minds to the field of education?"

Mea Culpa to my union brother PREA Prez for not picking up on the Maine Township lack off a contract; please check it out at his site.

It's getting really ugly in Tiverton, RI-- they went on a brief strike last year and have been fighting with their BOE ever since. More here, same paper kinda same article.

In the somewhat morbid but cool file: I just say NYSUT runs obits on its web page.

Yet another "wow, where has KIPP been all of our lives" type of article. Yeah, ask 'em about "the bench".

The clock continues to tick for Seneca Valley. They've been without a contract for over a year-- I think that's pretty patient, don't you?

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