Sunday, October 21, 2007

Strikes, strikes and more strikes.

More about banning teacher strikes in PA. Bah humbug, I say!

Lake Lehman has until November 6th, or November 26th to stay on strike, depending on your preference. Whenever it ends, it will change the school calendar. I think they should get a fair deal so they can get back in the classroom now, but that's just one blogger's feelings.

Carlisle Teachers Association in Ohio submitted a strike notice, they may begin their strike November 2nd if it passes their vote. Strikewatch has been updated, need you ask? :)

This is interesting reading-- historical perspective of the first and only teachers' strike in Columbus-- from 30+ years ago! Their local has come under national scrutiny due to the county Democratic Party withdrawing a school board candidate's endorsement 3 weeks before the election. Grow up people, it ain't always the "big bad unions"!

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Anonymous said...

Both sides are full of hypocrits sinc e football went on...both sides should be meeting every day and resolve this now. I think all kids should answer "D" on the PSSA exam and get the freakin' bunch in hot water with the State and Feds.


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